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Needham, MA Office
NEXT LEVEL, INC. | Needham, MA

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Megan Ayraud Courcy

Megan headshot

Megan Ayraud Courcy is the Director of Customer Experience at Next Level, Inc. Megan’s role involves working with all of her clients to help them achieve more consistent sales success via online learning, in-person training & behavioral reinforcement.

Megan is also a co-creator of SalesAccountability, the go-to coaching and accountability software for all of Sandler including affiliates and their clients. The mission of SalesAccountability is to help salespeople, sales managers, and all those that support sales build a better more meaningful and purposeful day. Megan oversees all product development, marketing, content, and ongoing feature development for the platform.

Prior to Next Level, Megan led a team of 5 at Metis, a data science boot camp and Kaplan Test Prep company. Along with hiring and managing a remote team, Megan worked closely with recent data science graduates to help launch their careers. She helped them prepare for interviews, identify job opportunities, and land roles at companies like Facebook, IBM, and Spotify. She also worked with companies to understand their hiring challenges, organize large career events across 4 cities, and ultimately help them hire great talent. Under Megan’s leadership, the Metis Careers team won the 2016 Kaplan Leadership award.

Outside of Next Level, Megan enjoys spending time with her husband Paul, their cat Star, and their two bearded dragons Sam and Dean.

Connect with Megan

Megan is a frequent guest expert contributor for the Sandler national business solutions blog and podcast, as well as a recognized expert in the Boston area. Megan welcomes you to connect with her on LinkedIn